Required Documents:

  1. Common Documents
    • Completed application form, NID copy/ valid passport, e-TIN related document, color photograph, bank statement for last 6 months.
  2. Additional Documents
    • For salaried executives: Pay Slip/ Salary Certificate not more than one month old, business card, copy of employee ID(if available)
    • For Sole proprietorship: Valid trade license, one undated cheque, bank statement of sole-proprietorship account, business card (if available)
    • For partnership: Valid trade license, partnership deed, business account bank account, business card (if available), one undated cheque.
    • For limited company: Certificate of incorporation, memorandum of Association, business account bank statement, business card (if available)
    • For landlord: Property of ownership documents, rental agreement paper
    • For Doctors/Engineers/Other professional: Processional certificate, business card (if available)
    • For lien against deposit account: Letter of lien and set-off over deposit account, fund holding instruction, FDR receipt/RFCD advice, authorization of encashment of securities
    • Lien against ERQ (other bank): Letter of lien and set-off over fund from ERQ account, board resolution


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